Dance is a wonderful activity that will help build coordination, balance, gross motor skills, strength, endurance, confidence and team work. HRCA offers a wide range of dance classes for children and adults at any skill level. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and Irish step dancing is offered for children and belly, tap, and ballroom dance for adults. 

HRCA Dancers in Action!

Key Dance Classes Information

  • Age: 3 - Adult
  • What to Wear -
    Ballet: leotard, tights, dance skirt, and all leather ballet shoes in any color
    Tap: leotard, tights, dance skirt in any color, plus tap shoes
    Hip Hop and Pip Hop: comfortable clothing students can move in

Couples - Private Ballroom Dance

If you’re looking to get your dances perfect for your wedding or special event, this is a great way to get the individualized attention you desire to look and feel confident on the dance floor. For ages 18 +. To schedule a lesson call 303-471-8853 or [email protected].

More Dance Class Information