50's Night Information

Club Cotillion 50's NIGHT 

Get ready for an evening of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Ella Fitzgerald and the TWIST! In this fun-filled class students will journey back in time to the 1950s to learn about culture, music and dance. This class gives students the opportunity to practice the skills they have leaned thus far and enjoy an evening of socialization, games and of course prizes! Social education will focus on teamwork and leadership skills. Please see below for 50s costume suggestions. 

Note: We do not expect you to go to any great expense for this costume party. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the instructor Annabel Kyler at 303-667-0837.

Please no gum, candy cigarettes, cargo or low-rise jeans and no regular casual clothes.

Poodle skirt
Plain white blouse
Bobby socks 
Saddle shoes or Keds
Cat-eye glasses
Chiffon scarf
Ring on a chain
Pony tail
Rolled-up jeans

Letter jacket
White or blue button-down shirt
White T-shirt (no wording)
Rolled-up jeans
Greased hair
Cardigan sweater
Leather jacket
Penny loafers
High-top sneakers (Vans)
*Note: Many cotillions do not allow sunglasses; please ask your instructor.

Questions: contact HRCA Art & Education Cotillion Coordinator at [email protected] or 303-471-8928.