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Volunteer for iCan Bike

The HRCA Therapeutic Recreation is partnering with iCan Shine to bring their iCan Bike program to Highlands Ranch June 12-16, 2017.  This is a five-day long bike program that uses adapted equipment to help individuals with disabilities learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. We are pleased to bring this program to our community, and would like to thank you in advance for your contribution.

Please complete and submit the volunteer form below. If you have any questions please call 303-471-7043 or email [email protected].

iCanBike Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer Role and Commitment
Spotter: This individual will run alongside a child as they are learning to ride a bike. They will provide physical support and encouragement.

The camp is Monday - Friday, June 12-16, with the mandatory volunteer meeting on Sunday, June 11, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Location is Eastridge Recreation Center, 9568 University Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126. During this orientation, you will learn about how the iCan Bike program operates, what to expect each day in your role as a volunteer spotter and you will receive training tips on spotting your assigned rider. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and meet other volunteers in your session. Also, please plan to arrive each day of camp 15 minutes prior to your session start time for a daily strategy/briefing session.

Please indicate the times when you will be available to volunteer. Please note that we ask you to commit to working the entire week of the camp for the session(s) you select. Campers bond with their volunteers and rely on the same person to be there each day to help them learn to ride. It is important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your session start time for a daily briefing.

*note: Lunch is included if you sign up for both sessions 3 and 4.

Optional Information

Volunteer Release Form

By typing my name below, I hereby expressly acknowledge that biking, like many sports such as swimming, golf, soccer, and gymnastics involves movement and physical activity, and that injury or mishap are possibilities in spite of all reasonable safeguards and precautions taken. Further, I hereby expressly acknowledge that photographs and/or videos of me may be taken by parties outside the control of iCan Shine in connection with participating in this program. I acknowledge that iCan Shine has limited or no control over such activities of third parties and has no control over any editing and/or use of such photos and/or video footage. I accept such risks as reasonable and proper, and agree to hold harmless the officers, principals, staff and volunteers of Highlands Ranch Community Association, iCan Shine, Inc., and Rainbow Trainers, Inc. should injury or mishap occur in this regard.

I give permission to be photographed and/or videotaped in print or electronic media by iCan Shine or third parties acting on behalf of iCan Shine. I acknowledge and agree that photographs and videos may be edited and used in whole or in part as desired for the purpose, which may be produced, duplicated, distributed and used for informational, promotional or other public purposes. I understand that photographs and video are not my property and there will be no compensation to me.NOTICE: By enrolling or participating in any program and recreational activity provided or sponsored by the Highlands Ranch Community Association, Inc. (HRCA), members and guests acknowledge and agree that there are certain risks inherent in the programs and activities conducted at the HRCA’s Recreational Facilities or off-site programs, which the members and guests assume. By enrolling or participating in any program and recreational activity, members and guests agree to waive any claim of liability against the HRCA and its members, directors, officers, agents, employees and contractors, related entities and affiliates and their agents and employees, arising out of any loss, injury, or death attributed to such risks and the use of the HRCA’s Recreation Facilities or off-site programs.

Responsibility for Emergency Care In consideration of the possibility of an accident, participant or participant ’s parents or legal guardian hereby consents to emergency transportation and treatment necessary in the event of injury or illness. Participant or participant ’s parents or legal guardian hereby accepts responsibility for the payment of any emergency transportation and treatment expenses and any subsequent medical bills. Participant or Participant ’s parent or legal guardian acknowledges that the HRCA has not purchased any health or accident insurance to cover such expenses.

Physician’s Examination Participant or Participants parents or legal guardian understands and agrees that, although a physician’s examination is not required to participate in the programs and activities offered by the HRCA in the Therapeutic Recreation program, that it is highly advisable that participant consult with and be examined by a physician before participating in any athletic and/or strenuous activities.

Appropriate Social Behavior Participants will demonstrate appropriate social behavior. Continuous unsafe behaviors (hitting, kicking, self-abusing, verbal outbursts, or refusal to stay or participate, with group/activity) cannot be tolerated in the community recreation setting. When this type of behavior is demonstrated in the recreation setting, the Therapeutic Recreation staff member will provide intervention that is appropriate for the developmental age and ability of the participant. If the participant is unable to respond to the intervention, the participant’s parent/guardian will be notified and the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the participant from the program.

If the participant is to continue in the Therapeutic Recreation program, the parent/guardian must consult with the Therapeutic Recreation staff and, when indicated, a behavioral plan will be designed by the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, in conjunction with the parent or guardian.
Volunteer Code of Conduct