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What is the guideline for having a recreational vehicle at my home?

The short answer: 72 hours. The long answer: The Supplemental Declaration provides that no recreational vehicles, campers, campers on/off a vehicle, boats, mobile homes, horse trailer, tractors, motor homes or trucks (other than a pickup truck) may be stored in such a manner as to be visible from any other property for longer than 72 hours in a seven (7) day period. For the purposes of this guideline, all of the above referenced vehicle types shall be considered “recreational vehicles” or RVs. The application of this guideline shall not be limited to only those types of vehicles listed. The Architectural Committee shall review any other vehicle type not listed on a case-by-case basis. Periodic movement of the vehicle for the purpose of circumventing this standard shall not qualify the vehicle for exception from this standard. The purpose of the 72 hours is to load and unload the RV, not to provide storage/parking for the unit.

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