Project Submittal Requirements

Listed below are some common improvements with a general list of what a submittal should include. All submittals need to denote if they are on open space and thus are subject to the View and Solar Obstructions; Section 2.87 of the Residential Improvement Guidelines.

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Project Submital Requirement Examples


  • Denote placement and dimensions, including thickness, on your site plan.
  • Any texture or stamping design and color to be used.
  • Must be a minimum of 24” off property lines.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.


  • Denote placement and dimensions on your site plan.
  • Rear elevation.
  • Side elevation showing height from grade to top of deck.
  • Railing design and material.
  • Materials being used for the deck.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Hot Tubs

  • Locate on your site plan.
  • Picture or drawing of unit including dimensions.
  • Plans for screening the unit from adjacent properties.
  • Minimum setback of 5’ off all property lines.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Patio & Deck Covers/Pergolas

  • Denote placement with dimensions and measurements from property lines to improvement on your site plan.
  • Rear elevation - showing placement on the back of the home (best shown with a picture of the back of the house).
  • Side elevation - showing height from grade to the cover and the roof pitch of your home and the proposed cover.
  • Materials must match current home.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Play Equipment/Trampolines

  • Denote placement on your site plan.
  • Picture of equipment including dimensions.
  • Plans to screen it from neighboring properties.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Retaining Walls

  • Denote placement, height and length, on your site plan.
  • Materials to be used.
  • Alterations to grade.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Room Additions

  • Two complete sets of plans including, but not limited to, a floor plan, site plan (at a scale of 1” = 20’), exterior elevations (at a scale of ¼” = 1’), and construction details.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Sheds/Chicken Coop/Playhouse

  • Denote placement of shed on your site plan.
  • Picture or drawing of the unit including dimensions.
  • Materials must match existing home.
  • Plans for screening 50% of the unit from adjacent properties.
  • Maximum size allowance is 8’ x 10’ x 8.5” in height from grade.
  • If submitting for an over-sized shed a variance form must be filled out.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Solar Energy

  • Roofing plan denoting location.
  • Type of device.
  • Dimensions of devices.
  • Proposed color.
  • Picture/brochure of devices.

Swimming Pools

  • Denote placement of pool and dimensions on your site plan.
  • Grading plan to scale showing any alterations to grade.
  • Retaining walls showing placement and construction with all dimensions and materials.
  • Materials: concrete, cover, liner, lighting etc.
  • Photograph of yard prior to construction of the pool.
  • Screening for pool equipment.
  • Fencing around pool.

Window/Door/Garage Door Replacement

  • Style and color.
  • Picture or brochure of windows/door.
  • Grids/No grids - denote.
  • Each elevation must be consistent.


  • A landscape that contains less than 50% sod in the “front” and/or “rear” yards, or “side” yards wider than 15’ shall be considered xeriscape.
  • Locate all plantings on your site plan. Denote all concrete and paving on plan.
  • Label the name and size of all grasses and plants.
  • Underlayment and preparation.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

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Important: Be sure to keep a copy of all forms for your documentation

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