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 August Updates

From Jerry Flannery - CEO and General Manager

Summer break is winding down and the seasons will be changing. School will soon be starting and HRCA is gearing up for another season of programming. Please make sure to pick up our activity guide for the fall programs and get an early start on registration. Remember, if you haven’t been out to experience our Farmer’s Market, it is held every Sunday at Town Center through October and you still have plenty of time to stock up on fresh veggies!

What to do in August:  There is plenty to do for the month of August and we encourage you to try a new class or event this month. Two free summer concerts, the Mountain Bike Series, movies in the Backcountry, and classes for all ages are happening this month. All recreation amenities including the tracks, hot tubs, and room rentals are once again available for use. Please check out our web site at for a full list of activities and constantly updated information! 

Reminders:  Northridge and Eastridge will each be closed for a week of maintenance in August; Northridge is closed August 2-7 and Eastridge is closed August 23-28. Please check out another facility during these times so that staff can clean and complete needed projects that are otherwise not possible when open to the public.

We kindly ask homeowners to be responsible pet owners by both cleaning up after your pet when walking on the sidewalks, trails and parks; as well as refraining from allowing your dog to utilize neighbor’s yards for pet waste.

The HRCA enforces the covenants seven days a week. Help us by keeping up with landscape maintenance along with properly storing your recreational vehicles. These are common and re-occurring issues that are regularly addressed by the Community Improvement Services team, and we appreciate everyone doing their part to help with compliance.

Volunteer Shout Outs:  Finance Committee: Budget season is kicking off this month and over the course of the next three months, the Finance Committee and staff will meet to review and analyze the proposed budget for 2022. The Finance Committee spends a great deal of time working with staff during this process to develop next year’s budget. A special thank you to Committee Members Krystal Woodbury, Rolands Vilums, Ron Welk, Brice Kahler, Mikell Wilcox, and John Mackowiak for donating their time and knowledge. Finance Committee Meetings are open to the public and any interested homeowners can attend. Please visit for more information.  

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