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 July Updates

From Jerry Flannery - CEO and General Manager

Happy 4th of July Highland’s Ranch and happy birthday to the United States of America! It is a time to celebrate not only our country’s birthday, but also the 40th Anniversary of Highlands Ranch. Before you start lighting those fireworks though, know what is legal and what is not in Douglas County.  Please check the DC Sheriff’s web site at for more specific information.

Independence Day Celebration:  We are excited to share that our 4th of July 5K Run, Community Parade, and Fireworks will happen this year. Festivities will include a family friendly 5K race, the 40th Anniversary  parade, and a high flying fireworks display.

The fireworks show is planned in January each year as it take a great deal of time to purchase the fireworks necessary for the show. Because of COVID and social distancing requirements at the time, the show was modified to one with larger shells that could be seen from further away. The intention was to have more people see it from their homes, rather than a smaller crowd in the immediate park area. Even though COVID restrictions have now been lifted, the new show has a much larger fall out zone that still requires us to close the Heritage Park area. The show will be visible for your enjoyment from many different locations around the south side of Highlands Ranch.

Most of our community events, such as the Summer Concert Series, were also planned six months or more in advance and were planned to accommodate the COVID restriction at the time. While we will not have the large concert series this year, we did adapt and plan many of the same concert bands to play in smaller venues over the summer.  Check our web site for a complete listing of events.

COVID Update:  Another exciting update to share is that all COVID restrictions have been lifted. Following the CDC announcement, masks are now optional at HRCA. Please be mindful that some staff and members may continue to wear masks. We ask that everyone be respectful of each individual’s choice. Along with masks; temperature checks, reservations and temporary closures have all been eliminated. HRCA will continue to promote safety awareness, increased cleaning protocols, and follow guidelines provided by state and local entities.

Quarterly Assessment Payments are due on July 1st:  A friendly reminder that Third Quarter Assessment Payments are due on July 1. Along with that, enforcement, paying dues, and compliance are never fun topics to write about, but I thought that this month I would call attention to this matter. After all, the main reason Community Associations exist are to keep property values high. This topic is one of constant debate. Many say we don’t enforce enough while others say we are overbearing and difficult. On top of all that, real consequences in the form of fines, liens, legal fees and even foreclosures can come from non-compliance with paying dues and abiding by the legally binding contract that each homeowner agrees to when buying a home in Highlands Ranch.  We want to thank everyone who works with HRCA and encourage everyone to promptly respond to all notices that are sent to homeowners regarding these matters.

Wildlife:  In the summer months our offices receive more phone calls about wildlife. Highlands Ranch is fortunate to have a diversity of wildlife that surrounds us, but the HRCA does not manage wildlife issues. Living with wildlife in Colorado means being a responsible pet owner by not leaving your dogs and cats unattended or off leashes. Be aware of potential predators in your area to help prevent attacks. If you have nuisance wildlife issues that cannot be resolved, please contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office at

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