Permanent Art Pieces

The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association (CAA) is proud to have a permanent art collection on display at the recreation centers.

Permanent Art Exhibit at Northridge

Metamorphosis by James Holmes

We are proud and honored to unveil an especially meaningful new art display in the lobby at Northridge Recreation Center.

Girl Scout Gold Award candidate Grace Bielefeldt, a senior at STEM School Highlands Ranch collaborated with Douglas County artist James Holmes and HRCAA to create a permanent art installation for the rec center where families were reunited after the shooting. The intent behind these beautiful canvases (titled Metamorphosis) is to help erase the stigma around mental health and to promote awareness about the issue.

Through the creation of bold abstract paintings executed in vibrant colors using acrylic paint on massive canvases, James developed a unique visual language and method to share his inner life and expressions painting from the inside out.

“The inspiration for my work is derived from the people, places, experiences, among other influences from everyday life. Once a painting is complete, I love sharing my work and engaging in conversations about what others see in my paintings before sharing my inspired vision which created it. Often, people see representation of human beings and representations of the human spirit in my work, translating love, light, optimism, hope, and peace. This resonates with me as being true.” – James Holmes

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.


Permanent Exhibits Obtained through Art Encounters

Enchantment by Donna Romberger
The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association (CAA) purchased the 2008 Art Encounters piece titled "Enchantment."  The sculpture is located at the Recreation Center at Northridge. Be sure to notice her next time you visit Northridge!

Baby Bear by Ryszard Wagoner
The Colorado Yule Marble sculpture was exhibited through the 2014-2015 Art Encounters program after which it was donated to the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association by the artist. It currently resides at the Recreation Center at Eastridge.

Tigris by Michael Mladjan
In 2013 the CAA purchased "Tigris" which was displayed during the 2013-2014 Art Encounters program.  The rusted and painted steel sculpture is located at the Recreation Center at Eastridge.  It can easily been seen as you drive into the entrance to Eastridge.

Molly, Dieter and Susie by Pat Kennedy
In 2015 the CAA purchased "Molly, Dieter and Susie" which was displayed during the 2015-2016 Art Encounters program.  The bronze sculpture is located at the Recreation Center at Eastridge, rotunda.