Residential Improvement Guidelines

The Residential Improvement Guidelines are the official list of covenants adopted by HRCA. Often referred to as the RIGs, this document contains all the rules for the exterior home improvements.

Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs)

At closing, new homeowners are given a copy of the Community Declaration and the Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs). The purpose of these documents are to:

  • Outline what exterior home improvements are allowable by the HRCA and what covenants are in effect.
  • Outline what exterior home improvements must be reviewed by the Architectural Committee prior to beginning work.

The Architectural Committee reserves the right to add to or modify these guidelines at its discretion.

Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs) - Adopted June 15, 2021; revised December 7, 2021
Prior RIGs - Version June 19, 2018

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